French MPs intend to criminalize anti-Zionism

French MPs, members of the National Assembly's anti-Semitism group, are planning to criminalize anti-Zionism in a proposal that raises reservations among the government.

The proposal comes at a time when anti-Semitic slogans and slogans were registered a week ago in France.

"We want to criminalize anti-Zionism, a subject for which we have been working for several months," said Study Group leader Sylvan Mayar of the ruling Republican Party.

Maillard, a deputy of the Paris department, denied any "circumstantial" project, especially after Saturday's abuse of the "yellow jackets" against academician Alain Finkelcro.

The Vice-Chairmen of the Study Group, with very different backgrounds, supported the proposal "unanimously".

The 30-member study group meets on Tuesday to decide on the appropriate legislative mechanism that may be a bill or a motion for resolution (that is, without being binding).

A number of ministers announced their reservations.

"We must pay attention to what we want to condemn," Justice Minister Nicole Beloube told France 2 television, saying it deserved a debate in parliament.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blancier said that "education must be sought and discussed." "You have to pay close attention to not doing things that result from our emotions, which will backfire."

"What we want to condemn is to deny Israel's existence, but we can certainly continue to criticize Israeli governments," he said.


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