Israel decides to deduct half a billion shekels from Palestinian taxes

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israel's small cabinet, the "Kabbalah", decided Sunday evening to deduct part of the Palestinian tax money, equivalent to the total amount of money paid by the Palestinian Authority to the families of martyrs and prisoners, estimated at more than half a billion shekels (500 million shekels), according to Hebrew sources.

Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahelon said the capent decision would be implemented immediately.

According to the "Yediot Aharonot ", it is decided to deduct the amount of 502.697.000 from the funds collected by Israel as taxes for the Palestinian Authority, or in the same way as the Palestinian Authority paid to the families of martyrs and prisoners.

She noted that this was the implementation of an Israeli law passed in June last June to deduct the money.

The security authorities provided the Cabinet with a detailed report showing what the authority paid to the families of the martyrs and prisoners, and the amount was approved, and a detailed report will be prepared next month.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the security authorities to deepen the study that has been prepared on the money paid to the families of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners.

Netanyahu vowed Sunday morning to work on the implementation of the law after preparing a schedule to pay.


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