Occupation closes 200 dunums of land in front of owners

The Israeli occupation forces raided and erected a number of earthmounds in the eastern part of the village of Awrif on Friday morning, in order to close areas of the village's land in front of the owners.

The attack came hours after four Palestinians were wounded by Israeli soldiers during the Israeli raid on Thursday on dozens of settlers who attacked a bulldozer that was cutting an agricultural road in 'Uref to prevent them from making the road.

The official said that the occupation forces and settlers are trying to impose facts on the ground in order to control more land in the village of Awrif, south of Nablus, by preventing them from reaching their land where they were prevented yesterday from the construction of agricultural road from Before the army and settlers. Today, dirt barriers are being erected to prevent them from reaching their land.

The area of ​​land targeted by the closure, which began the occupation by bulldozing and setting up earth mounds on Friday, more than 200 dunums located within the area classified as "B" as noted by Douglas, who explained that the razing and laying of the berms came hours after the protests of the settlers " On the land of villages south of Nablus, to prevent the people of Auref from the agricultural road they were working to get to their land on Thursday, where settlers attacked the residents to prevent them from making the road.


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