A businesswoman confirms her marriage to the director of the video scandal

An Egyptian businesswoman accused of appearing in a new sex video with a famous director was hit in a crying fit after she filed her arrest with the police of the first Nasr City after her decision to detain her for four days.

The defendant made detailed confessions before the prosecutor of the first Nasr City.

She admitted that she was the one who appeared in the video, noting that she had known the director on one occasion for years, and grew up between them a love story ended with their marriage custom.

She said the director had promised to present her as an artist in a new film work, and did not know that he was filming it during the sexual relationship between them in his apartment.

She said she was surprised by the spread of her sexual clip on the social networking sites, noting that it will provide the contract of customary marriage with the famous director of the investigative authorities.

The prosecution has charged her with several charges, including committing indecent acts and incitement to debauchery, and hastily ordered the technical report of the Department of Information and Documentation at the Ministry of the Interior to examine the video footage and investigations of the mabahith.

Nasr City court will consider renewing her detention.


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