"AIPAC" accuses Han Omar of anti-Semitism in an attempt to deter it

 Israel's most influential lobbyist organization, AIPAC, called on donors on its lists in an e-mail to pay for it, in response to the comments of Democratic Rep. Elhan Omar, who said Republicans in Congress supported Israel A gimmick that sparked a storm that has not yet eased the unfair accusations of the Muslim MP and accused her, through her congressional supporters (such as Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who heads the Republican minority in Congress) as "anti-Semitic."

"We are proud that the members of Congress from both sides are still together to condemn the illegal attacks on the pro-Israel groups, and we are determined to continue our efforts," said AIPAC's letter to those listed on its lists, to which Jerusalem received a copy. To support the shared values ​​that unify America and Israel. Please renew this commitment to this important work today by clicking here "on the link that receives the recipient to make financial donations proposed in amounts ranging from $ 15 to $ 250 or more.

"We are proud as Americans to participate in our democratic process of change, and we are determined to exercise this right to help maintain Israel's security," the letter says.

The source of the storm was a glee to the progressive Jewish writer Glenn Greenwald, who said that "the Republican MP, Kevin McCarthy, is working on punishing female recruits Rachida Taleb (the Palestinian origin) and Elhan Omar (Somali origin) because of their criticism of Israel." Offered by AIPAC is what drives these legislators.

"I am grateful to the Jewish allies and colleagues who educate me on the painful history of anti-Semitic women, "He said. "My intention is not to offend my constituency or American Jews as a whole," she said, "We must always be ready to go back and think about criticism, just as I expect people to hear me when others attack me for my identity.

"At the same time, I stress that the impact of lobbies creates problems in politics, whether AIPAC, the National Rifle Organization (NRA) or the oil lobby, the impact of them has long been sustained," she said.

While many accepted the apology of Elhan Omar, US President Donald Trump told reporters at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday he believed Elhan Omar should resign from Congress and that "what she said was deeply ingrained in her heart."

Rep. Omar told President Trump, "You have been hated all your life against Jews, against Muslims, against indigenous peoples, immigrants, black Americans, etc. When will you resign?"

It is noteworthy that the strength of the major Jewish organizations such as AIPAC focuses its political activity on two very narrow positions: the strong US relationship with Israel and its support for Israel's positions without a question against the Palestinians.

While all the Israeli lobby organizations have flourished since Trump took office two years ago, the current battle is taking place at the beginning of a new chapter in US history, between American Jews and Israel. This makes the differences over what Israel's undefined pressure means more tense. More than ever, on religious, ideological and racial grounds.

All this is happening in the face of unprecedented popular and youth mobilization against the major American Jewish organizations such as AIPAC and wealthy donors who adopt right-wing positions on issues related to Israel, such as Sheldon Adelson (who finances the Republican Party) and Haim Saban (who finances the Democrats) .

This movement is pushing the debate on Israel in new directions, especially in the Democratic Party, prompting politicians - especially new politicians - to adopt alternative views.

It is not clear at this stage whether these changes will be enough to push for a change in policy. Elhan Omar is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and her intention - and other newly elected Democrats - suggests a more progressive agenda for a possible widening of these tensions.

This will anger dissatisfied politicians about the status quo and trigger a greater conflict within the party and the political system.



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