Seven West Bank Citizens arrested

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupying forces arrested seven residents of the West Bank overnight and blew up Wednesday night.

Local sources reported that the occupation arrested Cheb Mujahid Wagdi Barghouti from the village of Kober, northwest of Ramallah, and Cheb Musa al-Khatib after he was ambushed at the Jebaa junction in the West Bank.

Ibrahim Labib Nusasrah, 19, was also arrested from his home in the village of Fahama, southwest of Jenin, as well as freed captive Arab Abu Dawis from his home in Tubas.

From Hebron, the young man Ahmed Nasser Al-Worm was arrested from his home in Halhoul, north of the city.

A young man, Amir Spitan, was arrested near the Kalandia checkpoint north of occupied Jerusalem.

Mohammed Yahya, Abu Zahra, was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces near the settlement of Shafi Shamron, northwest of Nablus, last night.


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