The occupation kills a child and a young man east of Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Hassan Iyad Shalabi, 14, was martyred after being shot in the chest by Israeli occupation soldiers east of Khan Yunis and Cheb Hamza Eshtiwi after being hit by a live bullet in the neck in the east of Gaza.

The Ministry of Health said the occupation opened fire on Friday for the participants in the 46-week-long return marches on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip, and at least 17 protesters were hit by live bullets, including a very critical injury.

The National High Commission for return marches and the siege was launched on Friday, "we will not compromise the blockade." In a statement, she called on Gazans to take part in "return" marches along the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

"The closure of the siege on the Gaza Strip is a required and necessary step that responds urgently," the commission said.


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