Palestine wins first place in the best Arab creators competition in the world

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Palestine won the first place in the world's best Arab creators of 2018, with four gold medals, although it is the first time that it has participated in this global competition under the patronage and organization of the Arab Group company  "The Arabs Group" in the British capital London.

Dr. Sondos Nazir Dunoun won the title (best Arab Writer in the world in the field of research and studies) she expressed her pride and pride as the first Palestinian to receive this title from an international institution and said it is an achievement for the national of Palestine first.

Referring to the remarkable Palestinian achievement at the Arab and international level, she told Mawtani on Wednesday: "I got the first rank based on a previous group of research awards, including the best educational researcher in the year 2010 (the cultural heritage in Jerusalem) which became a book of 120 A page containing all Arab cultural places and symbols that enshrine the identity of Arab Jerusalem  "and I explained: " The award is a certificate from an international jury that decided to be the best Arab in the world in the field of research and studies, and has decided to have research the cultural heritage in Jerusalem within the publication to be translated To the English language with the winning researches with the definition of title and nationality.

The three other Palestinians who won gold medals in this competition were seen as the achievement of Palestine, although it was the first participation of Palestine in this nine-year competition.

"Hisham Ahmed Abu To'eima ranked first in the world, winning the award and title (best Arab inventor and psychoanalyst in the world) and won the gold medal for his invention of the World scientific Scale (" teamah ") to analyze human personality through the eyes, which is a precedent In the world, where he has given attention to the human soul, analyzing it, and going deep into its depths and sailing to ensure that Palestine is at the forefront of this world championship.

"The best Arab Poet in the world in the specialty of prose poetry, and Salwa Tarifi (the best Arabic writer in the world in open literary texts)," said Danoon, who won the victory of Palestinian Najwa (map) Abu al-Hija.

Dunoon explained the program of participation in the competition which lasts six months and goes through three stages: the first in which contestants are selected after presenting their literary stock and writings, then decide an international committee qualified, then the final stage is to submit the final statements and the material to obtain the ranks and titles.

I explained:  "Before the announcement of the result, after two months they accepted my participation, and after three months the international jury informed me of the final stage and I deserve to receive the title of the best Arabic writer in the field of research " added:  "My writings have a variety of literature and researches, scientific studies, but my classification for Neil The title was in the field of research and studies  ".

Some of her research and studies said Dr. Dunoun was awarded an award for Research (Autism Therapy) in a competition organised by the Business Women's Forum with the Bank of Palestine, which includes how to treat children with autism in music.

She continued: I have a research (conversational language specialized) Wemdamomnha How to deal with children with a situation of excessive movement, and called on the educational system to take care of this file and prepare specialists, research on Jerusalem, herbs and music, but in this context she said:  "I have achieved the second place on The level of the Kingdom of Jordan in competition with 2000 researchers we have all presented our research on Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa mosque specifically.

On her ability to reconcile research, studies, work and her family, Dr. Dunoun said:  "I am the mother of three children. I achieved a delicate balance and division of time between my duties towards the family and writing, "she added: " Devote to write time at night where I am completely calm when I am at the height of my ability to concentrate. Despite her preoccupation with the Rassel Art Center, which specializes in academic studies of music, arts, recycling and handicrafts.

She noted the support of her family, her father and mother, and the requirements to complete her studies and develop her skills, and noted her husband's understanding of the issue of practical integration in securing family requirements.


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