Israeli forces arrest 25 citizens in the West Bank, including the mother of Martyr Saleh Barghouti

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupying forces arrested 25 people from several areas of the West Bank, including his father, Saleh Barghouti, on Tuesday morning.

Local sources said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested Suheir al-Barghouti, the wife of prisoner Omar Barghouti, his mother martyr Saleh Barghouti and the detainee Assem from the village of Kober, north of Ramallah.

The forces also arrested my brother Suheir Barghouti, Zahi and Saher al-Barghouti, as well as Hudhayfah Barghouti and Hamza Awad of Kober.

Ahmed Abd al-Hafez and Ismail Abu Shakhshher were also arrested from the village of Abu Shakkhel, north of Ramallah, Ihab Khewerah and Yusuf Abu-Kplain, and Fares Abdel Jaber from Kafr Nehmeh village of Ramallah.

From Hebron, the forces arrested Mujahid and Mutaz Abu Jahisha from the town of Khalah, west of the city.

The occupation also arrested Mohammed Bassam Bajawi, Zeid Ahmed Bajawi, Ahmed Bajawi and Mohammed Juabra, who worships the Jenin district. Along with Mohamed Nasser Ibrahim Deri and Ibrahim Khaled Deri from Beit Fajar.

In Nablus, the forces arrested the cult of Mohammad Shariem Rouajbeh and Nader Saher Hijazi from the town of Rujib, east of the city.


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