Start of construction of the upper part of the new wall on the Gaza border

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli army ministry announced on Sunday that construction of the upper part of the new wall along the border of the Gaza Strip had begun.

The construction operation began on Thursday, a barrier to attempts to infiltrate over the ground, or carry out any attacks, the ministry said.

The Ministry indicated that the wall would be built along the border at a distance of 65 km, with an altitude of up to 6 metres.

The route of the upper wall above the ground will be connected to the new naval checkpoint near Zikim Beach and to the Kerem-Abu Salim crossing.

The construction of the wall was planned for the middle of last year to be of three parts, the first being down the ground to fight the tunnels, the second at sea at the Zikim naval border, and the third above the ground along the border.


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