Since the announcement of the Trump.. 372 Palestinian martyrs in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem

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 "Jerusalem " said the Israeli occupation forces have been killed since the proclamation by US President Donald Treb of Jerusalem as the capital of "Israel " On December 6, 2017, of more than 350 Palestinians.

According to the Palestinian and Israeli center on Saturday, the number of martyrs killed since the Tarombe declaration reached 372 martyrs throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, including 78 children, 11 women and six martyrs with special needs.

He explained that 20 martyrs were martyred during the preparation and processing, and 43 martyrs as a result of the Israeli shelling, while seven prisoners were martyred in the occupation prisons, and the killing of al-Ghozi Fadi al-Batsh assassination in Malaysia.

According to the statistical survey, the martyrs of the return marches on the borders of the eastern Gaza Strip, which began on the 30th of March March 2018, rose until the end of last January to 224 martyrs, including two journalists, and three medical crews.

Eleven Palestinians were martyred during the month of January, including 6 who were martyred during their participation in the return marches on the Gaza Strip border (including two children and one woman), three martyrs from Ramallah (including one girl), one from Nablus and another from Jerusalem.

According to the age group, during the confrontations with the occupation in the period following the Tarombe declaration, 78 children, aged up to 18 years, including 54 children, were martyred during the suppression of the occupation of the return (a deaf child, the child of Jenin in her mother's belly) and a martyr child during a rally commemorating the Nakba in the West Bank.

He noted that seven prisoners were martyred after being arrested by the Israeli occupation army, raising the number of martyrs of the movement since 1967 to 218 martyrs, most recently the martyr Wissam Abdel Majeed Shalaldeh from Hebron.

The study, prepared by the Jerusalem Center, confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces have been holding the bodies of 23 martyrs since the Tarombe declaration.


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