A citizen of Gaza filed a lawsuit against two Israeli leaders

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

A citizen of the Gaza Strip filed a lawsuit with the central Court of the Hague against former Israeli army chief of staff, Penny Gantz, and the Israeli Air Force Commander, General Amir Eichel, in due time.

According to the Hebrew newspaper "Ha'aretz", Ismail increased the lawsuit at the end of March 2018, against Gantz and Ishel, because of their responsibility to bomb Israel's family home in July 2014, killing seven members of his family.

According to the paper, Gantz and Shell were commissioned by Dutch lawyer Kathelneh van der Blas to take action in The Hague, noting that Blas had filed a request to the court for a further dismissal of his lawsuit, claiming that "there is no jurisdiction for the Hague court to hear the case, and that the Israeli judiciary is accessible to sue." .

The newspaper noted that the Palestinian lawyer increased,  "can provide a response to the request for rejection until the first week of March, and then can set a date for discussion on the positions of the parties in the Court of The Hague, which will be resolved if they have the power to try the Israeli leaders or not."


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