Scientists discover the impact of a 3000-year-old foot.

Ankara _ Agencies

Scientists discovered an ancient foot in the castle  "Van" in eastern Turkey, believed to belong to a teenager who lived in the area for about 3,000 years.

The Turkish site  "the" "Van " was the capital of the kingdom of Orrtu, between 832 and 590 BC, he said, noting that the discovery had been made by Ukrainian archaeologists.

Archaeologists, led by Arkan Konar of Istanbul University, continue to drill in the area after they found footprints on Aug. 14.

"We found footprints, probably a 13 or 15-year-old boy who had stepped on mud when he was wet while building a house," one of them said.

"Our results were exciting," he added. And we will continue our search. "

The inhabitants of the area were building their homes on the basis of yogurt, a kind of primitive form of bricks known since the modern Stone Age.


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