Injuries in Gaza´s weekly naval march

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

A number of citizens were wounded Tuesday evening by the Israeli occupation forces ' crackdown on the weekly naval march to break the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The ambulance crews transported several youths who were shot alive to nearby hospitals, while others were treated in the field after being suffocated by the occupation of dozens of gas canisters against demonstrators.

The occupying forces fired fire and gas canisters at demonstrators from the land side of the sea coast off the Zikim military site, while the warships fired at the boats of the fishermen participating in the march.

The National Commission for return marches and the blockade have confirmed its commitment to the option of resistance in all its forms. He pointed out that the marches of return and the maritime path became one of the forms of popular struggle.

Broad popular participation in the maritime movement was seen as confirming the magnitude of the insistence on ending the blockade. "Anger to all those trapped that this people have the heroism and pride that prevents them from abandoning the constants" is addressed.

It stressed the need to implement reconciliation and unity as agreed. He pointed out that any unilateral steps would be addressed.



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