Ten months ´ imprisonment for a Frenchman reported a bomb on a plane to catch her.

London _ Agencies

After being late to catch a plane from London to Los Angeles. The French librarian was only able to try to postpone the departure of the flight by phone call, in which the police reported the presence of a bomb on board the plane.

Jacob Meir, who lives in east London, contacted the police eight minutes before the launch of the Norwegian Airlines plane at 5:47 a.m. from Gatwick Airport on May 11 May because it was too late and the company's employees refused to let him ride.

His false eloquence led to the re-inspection of the passengers and the postponement of the flight 90 minutes. An investigation of Gatwick airport revealed that the false communication came using the same phone number as the Meir reservation.

When he returned to the airport to take another aircraft to the United States on May 22 May the authorities arrested him.

Initially he claimed to have lost his cellphone chip, but he admitted Tuesday at the Louis Crown Court to provide false information about an item likely to harm human health. He was sentenced to 10 months ' imprisonment.

"This was a ridiculous decision by Meir who fabricated a very dangerous claim for his own good," said the Gatwick police chief Mark Clor.

"He was late for his plane and thought it was a good idea to call and warn of a bomb," he said. Yet it ended up turning into the worst decision ever made. "


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