Merkel: We are working to prevent the approaching of Iranian troops from the Golan

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel said last night that her country was working to prevent the Iranian military from approaching the Golan Heights.

Merkel said in an interview with the Hebrew radio station "Kan", the full right of Israel to defend itself from any threat, considering that Iran's policies in Syria is a threat to Israel.

"I believe that this is important, and it is right that Israel protect its security interests, and it is true that Iranian policy is a threat to Israel," she said.

The German chancellor, according to the public broadcasting organization, referred to anti-Semitism and the emergence of the extreme right-wing movement in Germany.

"Unfortunately, there are trends that reduce the horrors of the Holocaust, so our security authorities are examining what is going on in the corridors of the Alternative Party of Germany, a positive step in the nature of the situation," she said.

On the relations between Germany and Israel, Merkel stressed that "there will be a strong continuity in German-Israeli relations, regardless of who is the next advisor," while expressing pride in the interview on the strength of relations between the two countries, noting the importance of continuing " The fact that Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East, as reported.


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