Detecting a revolutionary phone

 People used to wait for the latest phone calls from leading companies such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei, but a Chinese company recently made a surprise after unveiling a revolutionary device "He said.

According to BGR, China's VIVO is designing the "dream phone" as it called it, without specifying a date to put it on the market or referring to the price at which it will be available.

The VIVIO Apex 2019 does not have a button, no port or hole in the screen, and it works with the Snape Dragon 855 processor, as well as compatibility with a fifth generation 5G network, and random access memory of up to 12 GB.

In the meantime, the Chinese phone will offer a storage capacity of 256 and 512 GB, and these options are an important possibility for those who complain limited capacity of some devices available at the moment.

The phone has a sleek design, no bumps, and the edges will be very limited, but the interesting thing about this phone is that it does not have a front camera to take pictures of the silvi.

The company put the footprint sensor under the phone screen, so users can touch anywhere from the interface until they unlock the device, and this feature is not yet available on any Samsung phones.

Since this device does not have a camera to pick up the silvi, the unlocking feature by face recognition, was not possible, such as the devices "Apple" and "Samsung".

The phone, which is designed with curved glass, has the function of turning the screen into a speaker, while the back of the device has a place to carry the magnetic charge of the device.


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