China reproduces genetically modified monkeys

 Chinese scientists have cloned several of the latest genetically modified genes to help research into the rhythmic rhythm of sleep related to sleep, depression and Alzheimer's disease, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Monday.

"This is the first time that a genetically modified monkey has been cloned to conduct vital medical research," the agency said, quoting the National Science Review, a Chinese scientific journal. The cloned monkeys were born at the Institute of Neurology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai.

The choice was made for a monkey with sleeping problems to clone it and scientists used its fibroblasts to clone five monkeys, Xinhua said.

These cloning cases would pave the way for further research into such human problems, which have become a major concern for mental health, the China Daily reported.

The cloned monkeys already show signs of "negative behavior," including sleep disorders, high levels of anxiety and "schizophrenic behavior," the newspaper said.

The program, supervised by the institute's ethics committee, is in line with international ethical standards for animal research, Xinhua reported.


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