Gaza health: We have taken harsh austerity measures to manage the acute fuel crisis

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip denounced the continued disregard by humanitarian institutions for the need for urgent fuel hospitals. I'm sure that's "going to hit her with imminent paralysis."

"The current situation requires immediate and responsible efforts from humanitarian institutions to save the lives of hundreds of children and patients in sensitive sections," said Gaza health spokesman Ashraf al-Capacity, in a press statement on Saturday.

"The fuel grant supervised by the UN agencies expired at the end of November 2018, and no other grant has been allocated to the hospitals at the moment," he said.

He noted that Gaza's health has taken "harsh austerity measures" to manage the acute crisis, "using smaller generators and rescheduling its various services, but the crisis is intensifying and our actions will be powerless."

He explained that the health facilities currently require 300,000 litres of diesel per month in light of the improvement in the electricity schedule in the areas of the Gaza Strip recently due to the Qatari fuel grant,  "where we needed more than 540 thousand litres per month ".

"Every hour of extra electricity we need is about 2000 liters to ensure the continuity of our health services," said Gaza health.

"We appreciate the emergency contribution that provided 31700 litres of diesel to some hospitals to increase the number of generators for additional hours," she said.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza, the Turkish IHH Foundation, the Jordan Advocacy Committee, the Al Falah Charitable Society and the Abu Assi petrol station, have paid for donations to the various health centres and centers.

She noted that the individual initiatives to postpone the crisis were "commendable, but the danger is imminent."

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza warned that the lives of hundreds of patients were at risk due to the fuel crisis in its facilities.

The last call for the rescue of its health facilities was made after two weeks of fuel depletion, after five major hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation has imposed a severe blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2006, closing all border crossings and crossing points that reach Gaza into the outside world through Egypt or the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948, with the exception of opening them partially for the entry of some goods and passengers.

The blockade on the Gaza Strip affected the health status of the sector, resulting in a decline in the health system in the light of the shortage of medicine and the serious entry into the health sector of the electricity and fuel crisis.


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