An Indian family buries her child alive because of "evil spirits"!

A family from the city of Shahdhanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India buried her infant daughter alive after the priest convinced her that the girl was living with evil spirits.

The Daily Mail reported that the girl was rescued after she heard a scream by a passerby near the place where she was buried.

The newspaper pointed out that the priest, according to the parents of the child, who convinced them that the presence of this girl in the house will destroy their lives. As a result, the relatives of the 20-day-old couple were taken to a nearby pond where they were buried there.

A few hours later, a passerby discovered her after she heard her cry. The temperature had fallen to only 3 degrees Celsius, so doctors counted the baby as a miracle in itself.

"I can not imagine how to throw a child in such a cold," the child's savior told reporters.

The girl now receives the necessary care and is in stable health. Police arrested the priest and the girl's father, and police are still searching for the mother who managed to escape.


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