"Teacher" Turkish shawarma kills his daughter and cuts off her body

The police in Turkey have investigated the murder of a man named Hasan Oslo, who killed his daughter and shaved her body with a shawarma knife.

According to media reports, Turkish police arrested Hassan Oslo, a chef Shawarma of the city of Kisan, in the western province of Aderna, on suspicion of killing his daughter, Diedem, 32, and practiced belly dancing, strangled and buried her body in the woods after cutting it with knife, Currency.

The crime was discovered after the remains of Didem's body were found in the forest.

The police also arrested the mother of the victim, Sati Aslo, and her younger sister, Uzlim, on investigation, and the latter was later released.

According to the newspaper "Hurriyet" Turkish, the man killed his daughter after a fight between them at home. Hassan Oslo claims that his daughter insulted him and his wife.


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