A tragic end to the "bikini girl" over the mountain

After being famous for taking pictures of herself on the mountain tops wearing a swimsuit, Taiwanese woman Gigi Wu was killed by the extreme cold during an adventure on a mountain in her country.

Local news reports said the 36-year-old woman was found dead at an altitude of about 1,700 meters after falling from altitude into a gap in Mount Mapulasi in Nantu province in western Taiwan.

According to the Taiwan News website, Wu used her phone to seek help, after being injured during her fall, on Saturday, but the ambulance personnel could not locate her after three attempts to use helicopters because of bad weather.

Wu's body was eventually found near the place where the distress was sent after the search resumed on foot.

In Wu's letter, she said she had become trapped because of her fall.

Wu is believed to have died after suffering severe fever while she was stuck in a very cold area, the Daily Mail reported.

Wu has attracted thousands of online fans, sharing photos of her in the Taiwan mountains, wearing bikini swimsuits, in nearly 100 trips over four years.

Wu began her challenges after losing a bet with a friend, and her punishment was to take pictures of swimsuits on top of a mountain.


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