Israel bans "UNRWA " schools from working in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation prevented UNRWA schools from operating in areas east of Jerusalem as of the beginning of the next academic year.

According to the Hebrew channel, several closed sessions were held recently at the National Security Council of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office to discuss a plan to prevent UNRWA from engaging in activities in East Jerusalem, noting that Netanyahu himself participated in some of those sessions.

According to the channel, a decision was taken to adopt the plan of the former mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barakat, for the institutions (UNRWA), with the need to work early on educational institutions.

Under the plan, schools belonging to the Jerusalem municipality will be allocated and schools (UNRWA) would be cancelled and prevented from working in Jerusalem, the channel said, adding that new buildings will be allocated to those schools or temporary rental of buildings until new ones are created.

The plan comes after US president Donald Trump's decision to cancel funding (UNRWA), the channel said, adding that the Israeli National Security Council hopes the education process east of Jerusalem is under full Israeli control and supervision.


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