The Israeli public prosecutor decides to file an indictment against Netanyahu in the file "4000"

The Attorney General and the Israeli Attorney General, Avihai Mandelblit, have decided to file an indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the well-known media case (4000) concerning the case (Bizek-Walla).

The channel quoted a senior source in the Mandelbilt office as saying that the indictment would include an indictment against Netanyahu for receiving bribes. Mandelblit decided to take the recommendations of the economic prosecutor, Ben Ari, the public prosecutor in Netanyahu's corruption files.

The source suggested that Netanyahu be summoned to a hearing by the middle of next month and inform him of the decision to indict him in file (4000).

Netanyahu's defense lawyers said the leaks were aimed at sabotaging the meeting with the attorney general and hurting their client's right to defend himself.

Netanyahu's defense team had asked Mandelblit to request a postponement of the decision in their client's files until after the April 9 elections.


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