Trouble caused by video games .. a new global disease

The World Health Organization (WHO), which has spent years researching the addictive nature of video games, has included "play-related disorder" on its list of health problems last year, a decision that is expected to be ratified by governments and has potential effects On health care and health insurance policies, for example.


Video game makers in the United States and the World Health Organization said they discussed the issue in Geneva last month.


"We hope that through continued dialogue we will be able to help the World Health Organization avoid hasty action and make mistakes that may take years to recover," said Stanley Pierre-Louis, president of the Entertainment Software Association.


The Assembly called for "further dialogue and study" before taking a final opinion on any video game classification.


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines this disorder as the acquisition of video games over people's lives for a year or more at the expense of other activities and "continuing to play or increase exercise, despite its negative consequences."


She said another meeting was tentatively scheduled this year with the association, but dialogue did not mean cooperation with game makers.


Governments of WHO Member States are expected to begin reporting on video game turbulence beginning in 2022 to open up the Organization for follow-up in the form of global health statistics.




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