The "corpse" of a woman returns to life in the morgue and dies during her recovery!

A woman was sent to the morgue by accident and the morgue employee accidentally discovered she was alive.


The site "", that the incident took place in the Russian province of Amor, January 11, where they watched friends and drink alcohol, and noticed in the morning that the features of life left the body of a woman who was with them.


The police officer was called in. The patrol officer decided that the woman had died and the ambulance had not been called in to confirm this, according to the chief doctor of the Belagorsk district hospital, Mikhail Danilov.


The woman's body was sent to the morgue in the funeral car, and her relatives began preparing for the funeral. However, the morgue nurse discovered that the woman was still alive when she approached the body to fix a numbered marker.


The ambulance was called to the intensive care unit in the area hospital, where doctors tried to rescue her for two hours, to no avail.


Dr. Danilov confirmed that the primary cause of death of women is low body temperature and poisoning.


The relevant authorities in the Belagorsk region are now investigating the incident.



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