"Kinder" surprise the children with a code for an extreme gang!

Kinder has put a "suspicious" toy inside the chocolates it sells on the market. The game contains the following three characters, KKK.


The parents were surprised when they noticed their children holding games that showed the symbol of the extremist KKK gang, which believes in the supremacy of the white race over the other human races, which is abbreviated as "Ku Klux Klan".


The parent company of "Ferrero" produced a limited version of the "suspicious" game to mark the company's 50th anniversary.


The new Kinder game has sparked outrage in social networking sites, with critics saying the company's mistake is serious, especially as it targeted young children.


Some parents went on to accuse the company of being behind "suspicious ideas," because it is impossible to ignore or ignore the marketing team in terms of the code "KKK," as they put it.


In response to the torrent of sharp criticism, the company officially apologized for any unintended mischief caused by the last game, and confirmed its withdrawal of all remaining pieces of the market, to be destroyed.


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