Israeli minister: Little hope to hold a long truce with Hamas

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli Government's housing and construction minister, Yav Galyou, said there was little hope that there would be a long-term agreement with Hamas, noting that the first step of any agreement would be conditional on the implementation of the terms of the cessation of what he termed "terrorism."

"The first step will be clear for Israel, which is to stop the firing of incendiary planes, cease fire on the border, and then reopen the crossings," said Galloway, a member of the mini-cabinet and a former senior Israeli army officer, on Saturday evening.

He noted that the majority of the "Capnetite" ministers were in favor of making new arrangements on the situation in the Gaza Strip and giving it a chance, according to the local newspaper Al-Quds.

On the issue of Hamas ' captives, Galyou said, "We can talk about this issue later and discuss it through negotiations at another stage."


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