The National authority: the occupation deliberately kills and injures the participants in the peaceful marches in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Legal Committee of the Supreme National Authority for return marches and the breaking of the siege on Sunday accused the Israeli occupation of deliberately killing and injuring those involved in peaceful marches on the borders of the Gaza Strip.

During a press conference, the Chairman of the Committee, Salah Abdelaati, said the crimes were a clear violation of human rights and international law. Calling on the international community to act to protect the demonstrators as a legal and moral duty.

Abdelati called for the restoration of national unity, the internationalization of the conflict, the transfer of the files of the occupation crimes against the Palestinian people to international criminal and the prosecution of the leaders of the occupation.

The occupation warned against continuing the policy of targeting peaceful demonstrators.

He called on the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to work towards transforming the resolutions of Arab and Islamic summits into practical measures to protect Palestinian and Palestinian rights and support their struggle. Appreciating in the context of the Egyptian effort to condemn the crimes of the occupation.

The Palestinian official praised the start of the work of the International Fact-finding Commission, which was formed by the resolution of the Human Rights Council, and stressed the need for the Committee to follow up to inform the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of the facts about such crimes and targeting.


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