Extreme right-wing calls for demolition of Jerusalem´s Old city walls

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

A radical right-wing activist in Israel and a member of Jerusalem's Arieh King called for the demolition of the old city walls to unite the two parts of Jerusalem.

King, who is the deputy mayor of Jerusalem on his Facebook page, wrote that the siege on the old town and its historic sites should be lifted by demolishing its walls.

"In the morning hours, the garbage truck collided with Bab al-Mughrabi while trying to get out of the old town, and could not continue to walk outside the walls," he said. No one can go out or enter through the Moroccan gate, and this is a golden opportunity to reconsider the idea of removing Sultan Suleiman's legal walls.

"The fence, which is still standing even after hundreds of years, has been built on the orders of a Muslim tyrant, Suleiman the legal, the Ottoman ruler who ruled the region indisputably in the 16th century and built the fence to protect the city of Jerusalem," he said.

"The wall surrounding the old city survived wars, revolutions, treason, accidents and so on," he continued. In my opinion: the fence should have been removed, if not all, at least most of it  ".

He said the removal of the fence would connect the old city with the rest of the areas and remove the siege on the Old City and its historic sites.

King claimed that the removal of the Solomon Wall was not a violation of sovereignty, nor of a religious site, but a social and environmental hazard in the heart of Jerusalem, and of course gave the feeling (not good and wrong) that the city was divided, according to what was written.


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