What causes the blue light emitted from your smart phone to your eye?!

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The results of a recent American study showed that the blue light emanating from the smart phone screens while sitting long hours to surf and so on, speeds up blindness.

The previous website quoted the British newspaper  "Guardian" as a report in which recent studies revealed the shocking effects of blue light from smart phone screens and various other digital devices.

According to the American study, the blue light from the smart phone screens causes partial dissolution of the retina, which accelerates blindness, and weakens the eye's ability very significantly.

Researchers at the American University  "Toledo" indicated that long exposure to blue light generates toxic particles in sensitive eye cells, and causes the yellow spot to decay in the eye; the infection speeds up untreatable blindness.

According to the researchers, this blue light has a shorter and condensed wavelength than other colours; This causes a gradual damage to the eyes, which is medically known as "macular intubation" of the eye, which is caused by the death of the photoreceptor, i.e. light-sensitive cells in the retina.

"We are constantly exposed to the blue light, the crisis that the eyeball and eyeglass cannot prevent or reverse, and the most serious crisis that the optical receptors cells do not," said American researcher Ageth Karunaratlina, assistant professor in the chemistry and Biochemistry Department of the American University Renewed in the eye when you die. "

American researchers have advised those who wish to protect a sample of blue light, which comes out intensely from smartphones, digital devices and mobile accounts, to wear sunglasses, which filter UV rays, reflect the blue light outward, as well as avoid cell surfing. Smart and tablet devices in dark areas.


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