The city is located in two states at once

The German city of Bozingen am Hoachren is located within Swiss territory and is surrounded by the cantons of Schaffhausen, Zurich and Torgau.


The city is small and occupies an area of ​​7.62 square kilometers and has a population of only 1,500.


The city remained a part of Austria until it became part of the German Kingdom of Formberg after the signing of the peace of Persburg during the Napoleonic wars.


In 1918, after the end of the First World War, a referendum was held in the city, in which 96% of the population voted in favor of joining Switzerland.


However, the order did not materialize because Switzerland was not able to provide the land for an equal exchange with Germany and therefore remained a subsidiary of Germany.


Bozingen, currently followed by Germany administratively but economically linked to Switzerland, uses its population numbers German and Swiss phones.


The official currency of the city is the euro and the Swiss franc because the majority of the population gets their wages from Switzerland.


In Pozhingen or Hochhorn, there is one primary school and students are allowed to continue their studies in Switzerland or Germany.


One of the favorites of this city is that the Bozingen Football Club is the only German club to participate in the Swiss Championship.


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