57 thousand births in Gaza in 2018

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The Gaza Strip saw the birth of 57,000 and 694 new births during the past year 2018, by 51.3% males, 48.7% females, 158 births per day and 6 births an hour, while 4950 deaths were recorded during the year.

According to statistics issued by the General Directorate of Civil Status of the Ministry of Interior, the population of the Gaza Strip by the end of 2018, reached 2 million, 135 thousand and 482 people, including 1 million and 82 thousand and 385 males by 50.69% , 1 million and 53 thousand and 97 females by 49.31%.

During the past year, the governorates of the Gaza Strip recorded 4950 deaths, 57.5% males and 42.5% females, with 13 deaths per day, according to the statistics, noting that the number of newborns decreased by 1% from 2017, which saw (58, 000 and 303 new births).

This number of births registered in the Palestinian civil Registry over the past year comes in contrast to Palestinian births abroad who could not be registered as a result of their families not returning to Gaza because of the blockade and the closure of the Rafah crossing, and fearing that those families would be stranded and lost their livelihoods abroad As a result of closing the crossing.

Governorate distribution

According to the statistics on civil status, the five governorates, "north, Gaza, Central, Khanyounis, Rafah", recorded between 1/1/2018 and 31/12/2018 (29, 000 and 591 male births), compared to 28 thousand and 103 female births.

During 2018, the Governorate of Gaza saw (21,000 and 68 new Monalida), including (10,000 and 668 male), and (10,000 and 400 female births).

During the past year, Khan Younis province registered (11,000 and 440 new births), among them (5,000 and 857 male births), and (5 thousand and 583 female births).

The Governorate of the north (10,000 and 105 newborns), including (5,000 and 212 male), (4,000 and 893 female births), saw the central governorate (7,000 and 794 new births) (4,000 and 106 male births) and (3,000 and 688 female births).

The governorate of Rafah (7,000 and 287 new births) registered (3,000 and 748 male births) and (3,000 and 539 female births).


According to the civil status statistics, the death sections in the civil status offices in the governorates of the Gaza Strip were recorded during 2018 (4950 deaths), 57.5% males and 42.5% females (13 deaths per day).

According to statistics, there was an increase in the number of deaths during 2018 by 1% from 2017, which saw (4370 deaths).

According to the civil Status statistics, the five governorates (north, Gaza, Central, Khan Yunis, and Rafah) registered between 1/1/2018 and 31/12/201 (2848 male deaths) versus (2102 female deaths).

According to the Civil Status report, the Department of Mortality in the North Governorate reported 811 deaths, while the death section of the civil status offices in Gaza Governorate recorded 1786 reported deaths.

The death section of the civil status offices in the central province also reached 736 reports of deaths. The death section in Khan Yunis reported a death report, and the Department of Mortality in the Rafah Governorate office reported 615 deaths.


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