Israeli occupation authorities notify 4 citizens to stop construction south of Qalqilya

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday notified four residents of the southern Arab Ramadine, south of Qalqilya, of the construction of two houses and the berxin.

Mokhtar Arab al-Ramadin said Ashraf feels: " There is an intensification of the prosecution of citizens in the Arab Ramadin area and the Civil Administration officers attended with four faults to stop the construction of two houses area the first 140 meters of the citizen Kasaf feeling and the second house of the citizen Ashraf feeling of an area of 120 meters, and the Alberxin is owned by the return of Ramtwo and Ahmed Feeling.

Added:  " The daily prosecution will lead to enormous pressure on more than 250 citizens in the Arab Ramadyn region, which inhabit 60 houses threatened by permanent notices, and the Civil Administration officers ' rounds are not stopped inside the Bedouin community, and the houses are constantly photographed and after filming the notices of the suspension of the building, and when objecting to Notices the Civil Administration officers invoke the fact that they are entitled to communicate the notices and monitor the area, so the so-called Nature Authority is the one that is filming and monitoring any changes in the area  ".

He continued:  " There is an exchange of roles between all the arms of the Civil administration of the occupation authorities and the headquarters in the settlement of Beit El near Ramallah  ".

He drew a feeling saying:  " We live with great concern after the increase in the threats and the threat of demolition, all the previous temptations to leave the area of 2000 dunums has failed, and now comes the role of intimidation and threat, our lives are threatened by the procedures of the security gate that control our entry and exit and passage through a search room It has health hazards, and the dangers that threaten our presence in the place, the occupation seeks to transform the region into ruins to be easily annexed to the settlement of the Millennium Swatter adjacent to the southern Ramadine Arabs.


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