Mandelpelat decides to hold Netanyahu´s hearing before the elections

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

The second Hebrew channel, on Tuesday evening, unveiled a meeting of Israeli government legal advisor Afiheai Mandelpelat with a large number of current and former public prosecutors and legal advisors.

According to the channel, Mandelpelat discussed with them the possibility of holding a hearing for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the ongoing investigations ahead of the start of the elections on April 9, April.

According to the channel, the discussion revolved around whether there was a legal problem in such a move before the elections, stating that all those who participated in the debate agreed that the decision should be taken and announced before the elections.

"The publication of the decision before the elections is our duty to the audience that will be chosen, and I will make the best effort to get the job done as soon as possible," Mandelpelat told the community.


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