Israeli punishments for prisoners in the "Damoon "

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The administration of the "al-Damoon" prison imposed collective punishments on a number of prisoners held in room No. 11, where they were deprived of a visit and the "Cantina " for a month, and fined them after they had been charged with an internal trial.

According to a report by the prisoners ' club, the women prisoners are: Khalida Jarrar, Sabreen zezdat, Rawan Abu Zade, Mayoun Musa, Nourhan Awad, Yasmin Shaaban and Haneen A'mer.

The detainee's lawyer quoted the prisoners as the details of the humiliation and persecution that the detention department tried to carry out; on the 17th of December 2018, one of the jailers attended and asked the prisoners to leave the room for repairs, but the carpet did not have the right to go out to The yard, and asked them to enter the toilet.

They continued to say that they had refused to do so, and an hour later the detainee's administration told them that they had to hand over some of the belongings, or that they would be confiscated, and indeed a force came to the section, entered room 11 and confiscated some of the tools used by the prisoners (TV, slab, water heater, radio). The prisoners were told that they were being punished, and that they were prohibited from going out to the detention centre/"outburst".

The detainee's administration did not do so, but rather isolated the prisoner, Yasmine Shaaban, in the lawyer's visiting room for several hours, and her isolation was terminated after the prisoners returned meals. The next day, the forces of repression stormed the room again, without regard for their privacy, and took the prisoners screaming in all the rooms and beating at the doors.

The number of prisoners held captive in the "Damoon " (54) prisoner, including two prisoners, is under administrative detention.

Al-Assir said that the detention of women prisoners is a systematic act of looting of their rights, as they have escalated since the prisoners were carried out in the month of September September 2018, protesting against their refusal to go to the detainee's square, "the outburst" in the "Hassharon " detention facility to refuse to operate the cameras.

The prisoners ' club called on the human rights institutions working in Palestine to take their real role and intervene to protect the prisoners and prisoners from the occupation authorities ' attempts to rob them through systematic policies aimed at degrading human dignity.


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