25 detainees in Jerusalem and the West Bank, half of them from Kober

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

At dawn on Monday, the Israeli occupation army launched a massive campaign of arrests of at least 25 citizens from occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, mostly from the town of Kober, north of Ramallah.

Local sources said that the occupation arrested at least 12 citizens of the town of Kober, north of Ramallah, and closed the road between Kober and the village of Burham, north of Ramallah, with dirt mounds, and ruined the contents of houses searched by soldiers.

Journalists documented the names of the detainees in the town of Kober: Sheikh Yasser al-Fahal, Mohamed Lotfi Barghouti, Mohamed Mounir Barghouti, Mekdad Zahi al-Barghouti, Ismail Zahi Barghouti, Jawdat Mishal, Mohammad Meshaal, Muhannad Rayan, Omar Barghouti, Saher Barghouti, his brother Zahi Barghouti, and Nail Omar Yassin.

The sources added that Israeli soldiers stormed the town of Beit Rima, north of Ramallah, and interrogated Ms. Shaymaa al-Rimawi, the wife of martyr Saleh Barghouti amid clashes. They also stormed the house of her brother, journalist Alaa al-Rimawi, in Al-Bireh neighborhood, confiscated communication and computers, and a sum of money.

The captured captive soldiers in the deal "Wafa al Ahrar ", Abdullah Abu Shalbeck, were arrested from his home in al-Bireh city, knowing that he had spent more than 22 years in the Israeli jails.

The sources added that the occupation arrested Sa'ed Hammad, Hamed Riad Hamed from the town of Selwad East, Ashraf Saad from the eastern farm, lawyer Ahmed Abu Fahedeh from Ras Karker Village West, and engineer Mahmoud al-Khaffash from Marada east of Salfit, and was arrested from his house in Al-Bireh.

In the town of Jenin district, the sources said that the occupation arrested Osama Khalil Arneh and Mohammad Jihad Abu Bakr.

In the occupied city of Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation authorities carried out a campaign of arrests of at least six youths: Yusuf Sami Abu al-Hawa, Hashim Abu al-Hawa, Amin Khader Abu al-Hawa and three from the Tur, and Ashraf Aouissat from Jabal al-Mukaber, Ayman Adawaa and Dia Mohamed Ali from Shu'fat camp.


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