3 deaths and 100 cases of "anfloznza pigs" during the current winter season

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Director general of Public Health at the Ministry of Health, Yasser Bouziyah, confirmed that there were 3 deaths and about 100 people infected with swine flu "virus (H1)" In the West Bank and Gaza Strip since the beginning of the current winter season.

"There are 3 deaths in the West Bank as a result of their inhibition, and there are about 100 casualties, including several injuries, in the Gaza Strip, where those infected with the virus periodically enter hospitals, receive treatment and come out after being cured," Bouziet told Al-Quds.

"However, some cases of HIV infection may worsen, as a result of low immunity, such as children, and those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, the elderly, and pregnant women, who may receive a reserve Toumat before the onset of the winter season, which is free of charge by the Ministry," he said.

Bouzih noted that the Ministry has laboratory tests and the possibility of detecting virus infection within 24 hours, and giving the necessary medicines for treatment, which are currently in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Bouziet reassured the citizens "not to worry about the existence of the disease, because the virus became a virus that may settle in our territory as the rest of the world, especially in the winter, but the fear of the worsening of the disease due to their vulnerability," stressing that the infection must be prevented weird within the prevention of A virus that exists in winter, drinking fluids and eating citrus.


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