Four arrested in Netherlands suspected of preparing "terrorist act"

The Hague - The Dutch security forces have arrested four people in Rotterdam harbor suspected of preparing "a terrorist act," police said Saturday.


Rotterdam police said anti-terrorist units and police had arrested these people and conducted searches.


"Investigations will continue in the coming days and the focus will be on the nature and magnitude of the terrorist threat," the police said in a brief statement.


Police have not given further details on the suspects' specifications or the terrorist attack they were attending.


The Netherlands has been relatively immune from the threat of attacks on its closest European neighbors in recent years but has recently seen some threats.


In June, two people shortly before their execution stopped several attacks that would have targeted the famous Rotterdam bridge and another undetermined location in France, according to Dutch prosecutors.


Last August, a 19-year-old Afghan man with two German tourists was stabbed and wounded in the heart of Amsterdam's main train station before being shot himself.


In September, Dutch police arrested seven men suspected of wanting to carry out a "major terrorist attack" during a "major event" in the Netherlands with improvised explosive belts and AK-47 assault rifles.


During the searches carried out in the houses of the suspects, police found a large amount of materials used mainly in the making of bombs, including 100 kg of fertilizers that can be used for car bombs.



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