Will Kate Middleton threaten the throne of Megan Marshall in 2019?

The British royal family witnessed many important events in 2018, which brought about changes in the family structure and prioritization of ascension to the throne.


Prince Harry's wedding of Megan Markell was held in May 2018. Princess Eugene's wedding was held by Prince Jack Broxbank in October.


He also announced the birth of Prince Louis, the third child of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in addition to the pregnancy announcement of Megan Markle.


As everyone awaits the first royal baby of the Duke and Duke of Sussex, expected to be born in the spring of 2019, observers began to predict that the wave of royal children will not stop there, and we can see two royal children during the new year, joining the royal family.


"William and Kate are likely to receive a new member of their family in the near future," said Alex Abbatti, a spokesman for London bookmaker Ladbrokes.


While Prince William is in second place in the throne, his father, Prince Charles, takes his place, followed by his children in the throne. Prince George is third, Princess Charlotte is fourth and Prince Louis is fifth.


This means that the fourth child will become the sixth in the line of the Throne, which will bring Prince Harry to seventh place.


Megan and Harry will be ranked seventh in the throne, but if the Duke and Duke of Cambridge have another child, he will move to eighth place.


Ladbrokes is not the only one expecting Prince William and Kate to receive another child next year. Several reports, quoting the friends of the Duke of Cambridge, have said they could have more children.



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