10 Iraqi policemen killed and wounded in Mosul

An Iraqi security source in Nineveh province said Thursday that seven policemen were killed and wounded when two explosive devices exploded in the southwest of Mosul, 400 km north of Baghdad.


"Two explosive devices exploded in succession, near a police patrol in al-Hadar district, 90 kilometers southwest of Mosul, killing two policemen and injuring five others," said Capt. Ahmad al-Obeidi of the Nineveh police station. To a hospital close to the incident while the bodies were handed over to forensic medicine in Mosul. "


On the other hand, Obeidi said that "the security forces found today three bodies belonging to policemen with traces near the camp Ghazlani, south of Mosul, adding that" the victims were recently kidnapped while performing their duty at a checkpoint stationed near the camp. "


Several areas of the province of Nineveh, especially near the Syrian border, infiltrate elements of the organization calling to the cities of the province to carry out kidnappings, killings and bombings against security forces and civilians, despite the declaration of former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi last year to eliminate the organization of a military advocate in the country


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