UNRWA opposes inclusion in the list of Simon Wiesenthal Anti-Semitic business center

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) opposed its inclusion in the year-end list of the Simon Wiesenthal Center "for the 10 worst anti-Semitic acts worldwide."

The center placed the agency in fifth place, accusing it of using a curriculum that "promotes anti-Semitism, as well as its refusal to print Israel's word and its unwillingness to teach about Holocist."

"UNRWA, as a UN agency, actively supports and promotes the principles and values of the United Nations, including the promotion of fundamental human rights, so we strongly oppose any linkage of the agency to Racism in all its forms," the agency said in a statement, which was received by the German Press Association (AFP) on Thursday.

The first four ranks included the massacre at a synagogue in the American city of Pittsburgh in October and the abusive comments made by the leader of the ummah of Islam Luis Farrakhan in the American city of Detroit about Jews, and the laying of the Swastika in American universities The ongoing anti-Semitic crisis surrounding the opposition leader in the British parliament, Jeremy Corbin, and his party.


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