The Lebanese president: A political battle that prevents the formation of the government

Lebanese President General Michel Aoun said on Tuesday that a political battle was preventing the formation of a government.


"The process of forming a government is facing a political battle that prevents authoring," Aoun said after the retreat he had held with Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros-Raya before the mass in Bkirki this morning on the occasion of Christmas.


He stressed that "there are those who seek to change the customs and traditions in Lebanon," calling for prayer in order to solve the difficulties of forming a government that seems to need some time.


It is noteworthy that the complex representation of Sunni MPs from outside the "Future Movement" (MPs March 8) or "independent Sunni deputies," six of which are formed after the parliamentary elections in the so-called "consultative meeting" in the new government prevented her birth, so far.


Last week, the Lebanese president launched an initiative and contacts that resulted in the resolution of this node by representing the six Sunni deputies with a minister from outside the consultative meeting they call, but this initiative fell at the last minute, when the new government was expected to be born before the end of last week.


President Aoun appointed Saad Hariri to form a new government on May 24, after being named by 111 deputies in the parliamentary consultations, and no new government has been formed so far despite the insistence of all Lebanese political forces on the need to expedite its formation.



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