Fierce competition and new alliances in the Likud and beyond to "neutralize" Netanyahu

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the leader of the Likud party face stiff competition within and outside his party in an attempt by some opponents to drop him in the coming elections in any way.


Gideon Sa'ar, a leader of the Likud party, announced that Netanyahu would contest the party leadership for his leadership in the upcoming elections. Pointing out that he will run in the primaries of the party rival to Netanyahu and not under his mandate.


He believes that his success in the primaries will also help the success of the Likud Party in the general elections. Pointing out that he enjoys the support of a large number of activists in the party.


In October, Netanyahu accused Saar of coordinating with President Reuven Rivlin to try to oust him from the Likud leadership in preparation for his appointment as prime minister in the upcoming elections, prompting Saar to denounce the accusations.


The Israeli announcer in the channel Recht was Hebrew, yesterday announced her resignation through the air, amid the chances that it will lead the campaign for her husband Saar.


The Israeli media reported last night that Ehud Barak and Benny Gantz will participate in an electoral bloc opposed to Netanyahu in the upcoming elections.


Barak said in a statement quoted by Channel 10 that he is considering participating in an opposition bloc to Netanyahu in the upcoming elections. Considering that the upcoming elections will be the most important event since the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.


"People will choose between sunset and dark vision."


The channel pointed out that attempts to form a block of left and center. Noting that a meeting between Barak and Avi Gabai, leader of the Labor Party.


While the Channel Recht was Hebrew, that Gantz will not be able to create a new party and therefore will join a party in the upcoming elections. Likely to join a party opposed to Netanyahu.


According to the channel, Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon agreed on Monday to set the election date, while Likud plans to embarrass a party leader there the future of Yair to wear and submit the bill to vote to show his opposition to it.


The channel said that two leaders of the coalition government attacked Netanyahu and said the purpose of dismantling the government because of investigations against him.


The channel pointed out that the legal adviser to the government, Avihai Mandelblit, had intended to decide on Netanyahu's files before the elections, but in its early days, it does not know when the decision can be taken. Likely to be done in just two months.


While Yair Lapid, a party leader there, called for a future, Mandelblit worked to speed up the process of examining the investigation files against Netanyahu.


In a related context, the second Hebrew channel reported that Netanyahu plans to visit the United States in March.


According to the channel, Netanyahu will participate in the AIPAC conference on the Jewish lobby, which may meet on the sidelines of the visit with US President Donald Trump.


"Netanyahu is likely to take this opportunity to meet Trump and take pictures with him one month before the elections, to remind Israeli voters of his influence on the US administration," she said.


The channel confirmed that it was decided to postpone the deployment of the peace plan after the elections.


Meanwhile, Channel One reported that Netanyahu will visit Brazil this week and meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. In January, he will also appoint a new Chief of Staff, Aviv Kochavi, and will travel to Chad for a few days' visit before traveling. America.



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