Arrests in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Among them is a martyr´s brother.

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupying forces carried out a campaign of arrests in Jerusalem and the West Bank that killed a martyr's brother, including stealing money from the homes of citizens.

Local sources said that the occupation arrested brigadier general in Deir of Tulkarm, and a young man (unidentified) from Al-Jeabat neighborhood in Jenin city and Mohammed al-Hawamdeh from al-Bireh.

Israeli soldiers stormed the house of the captive Malik and Musa Hamed in the town of Selwad, east of Ramallah, and confiscated money. They also stormed the town of Tahmoun near Tubas and Kafr Kaddor in the east of Qalqilya, while clashes erupted during the incursion into Tulkarm.

On Monday evening, eight citizens were injured by settlers attacking them in the old City of Hebron.

In the occupied city of Jerusalem, local media reported the arrest of four young men from us; they were scattered: Muhannad Kayala from Shu'fat camp, Omar Abu Ghannam, brother of Martyr Ali Abu Ghannam, from al-Tur/Jabal al-Zeitoun neighborhood, Omar Abu Dahem, and Karam Aouissat from Jabal al-Mukaber neighborhood.


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