"Google" doubled the capacity of photo publishing service "Live Album" to 20 thousand pictures

A US media company has doubled the number of images that users can store and share on the Live Album service.


The Web site "Cnet.com" technology specialist that the search engine giant "Google" quietly raised the maximum number of images that a user can store on his album in the service of "Live Album" from 10,000 images to 20 thousand images.


The site added that the original capacity of the service, amounting to 10 thousand images is not great for the apparent number because the user is preparing a "Live Album" to pull each image or video recording is filmed using the user's smartphone, where each video recording is recorded as a separate image .


Google has revealed an increase in the capacity of "Live Album" through a message posted on its technical support page, but warned that increasing the capacity of the album can limit the user's characteristics on the service.


Earlier this year, Google launched the Live Album service to allow users to store and share photos with their friends and family members over the Internet, in the form of social networking application Instagram.



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