Israel prevented a mother to continue therapy with her child with cancer in Gaza.

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On Thursday, the Israeli occupation prevented a woman from the Gaza Strip from escorting her 3-year-old child to a hospital in Nablus to receive treatment for cancer.

Israeli security sources said the ban was due mainly to a Hamas activist.

The mother of the child Loay Khudari has written several leaflets across her page in "Facebook", looking for women who can volunteer to accompany her child.

The mother of the child tried 7 months ago trying to get a nod out with her child, but she did not succeed in it. Noting that the child's aunt had previously accompanied him, but that her health conditions prevented her from continuing to accompany him.

The pleas of the child's mother on Facebook came to fruition, and a woman volunteered to accompany him, but the doctors in Nablus recommended next time that the child come with his mother to improve his healing opportunities.

Physicians for Israeli human Rights contacted the Coordination and liaison Department and asked them to "put an end to the absurd mercy" imposed on the child and his mother and allow her to leave at any future date.

The organization considered that any further delay and other difficulties would unequivocally endanger the life of the child.


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