Israeli army lifts alert and tightens security measures on Gaza Strip border

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli army decided on Sunday to lift the state of alert and take additional security measures on the Gaza Strip, fearing retaliatory attacks on the Gaza Strip border, media sources said.

The Hebrew news website said: "These actions were due to the fear of the Palestinian resistance factions ' response to the killing of four Palestinians on Friday by the Israeli occupation army on the security fence separating the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories in 48.

He added that these measures include restricting the movement of settlers on the streets adjacent to the Gaza Strip, increasing the attention of the soldiers, and preventing them from approaching areas adjacent to the border fence with the Gaza Strip.

The site indicated that these measures were decided following the resurgence of tension and escalation after a period of relative calm in the security fence area.

According to the website, the clashes in the Gaza Strip have declined in the past weeks, following the ceasefire brokered by Egypt between Israel and Hamas, where the firing of incendiary balloons and the throwing of improvised explosive devices and grenades have stopped

He noted that after a few weeks of calm, friction between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli army forces had intensified, as demonstrations had returned to the days leading up to the cease-fire.

An Israeli security source on Sunday threatened to "Hamas" and "Islamic Jihad" if the two movements renewed the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in 48 years.

The Hebrew news site, "0404 ", quoted the source as saying that in the event of renewed rocket fire to Israel, "our response will be very different and difficult."

"Whatever happens this time, our response will not be codified, but a severe blow to Hamas," he said, according to the Hebrew site close to the occupation army.

"We are watching Hamas, increasing its training and more, if they make a mistake, they will pay for it," the Israeli source said.

The situation on the Gaza border has been strained in the past two days following the killing of four Palestinian citizens by the occupation, during the repression of the 39-year-old return.

The joint operations room of the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip announced on Saturday that they were "in a state of permanent consultation after the martyrdom of four citizens and the injury of dozens last Friday, during their participation in the march of return and break the siege."

She explained that she will have today (Sunday), "a clear position" to define her policies and rules of action towards the "arrogance " of occupation and his crimes against the Palestinian people in the marches of return.

The Palestinians have been participating in peaceful marches in the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948 since March March, demanding the return of the refugees to their towns and villages in 1948 and breaking the siege of Gaza.

These peaceful marches are violently repressed by the occupying army, where heavy fire and poisonous gas bombs have been fired at demonstrators, resulting in the martyrdom of 255 citizens, including 11 martyrs whose bodies were detained and not registered in the statements of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, while another 25,000 were injured, including 500 in case of danger Severe.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) has said that since March 30 in Gaza, seven people with disabilities, 35 children, one woman, two journalists and three paramedics have been among the martyrs. In addition to 101 cases of limb amputation due to injury.


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