Erekat: The occupation bears full responsibility for the consequences and consequences of the escalation of aggression against the Palestinian people

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Secretary of the PLO Executive committee, Saeb Erekat, held the occupying Power fully responsible for the consequences and consequences of the dangerous escalation and attacks against the Palestinian people in the territory of the occupied State of Palestine; The West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

The attacks included field executions, house demolitions, ethnic cleansing, the seizure of land, the intensification of colonial settlement, the stifling of our eternal capital, Jerusalem in all fields, the continued siege of the Gaza Strip, and the crimes committed against the return marches in the Gaza Strip, as well as Crimes committed by settlers by protecting the occupation forces, arresting and transforming our cities, villages and camps in the West Bank, including Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, into large prisons.

This came during a meeting with the European peace process envoy Susan Strystal, the representative of the European Union in Palestine, a number of advisors, and the director general of the British Foreign Office for Political Affairs, accompanied by British consul General Philip Hall, and a number of individual assistants.

The price of Erekat is the position announced by Britain with France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium and Germany, in which they assured the administration of President Trepe that any plans that are not based on international law and the two-state principle on the 1967 borders are doomed to failure.

He called on the states of the European Union to recognize the state of Palestine on the borders of the fourth June in 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and to continue to work to provide international protection to the Palestinian people and to implement resolutions on the comprehensive boycott of Israeli colonial settlements.

On the level of reconciliation, Erekat stressed that the road to reconciliation passes through the full and scrupulous implementation of the Cairo Agreement, signed 12/10/2012


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