The German government upholds the obligation of refugees to submit their passports to obtain a residence permit

Berlin _ Agencies

The German Ministry of the Interior adheres to the regulations requiring refugees to submit their passports for a residence permit, although critics warn that such a measure could endanger the lives of refugees.

The German Green Party's parliamentary bloc had previously called on the German government not to pay the refugees who had a secondary protection status to go to the embassies without them for the issuance of valid passports, because their country's authorities posed a danger to their lives.

This rule applies to all Syrian refugees. The German Ministry of the Interior intends to continue its application.

According to the ministry's response to a request for a briefing from the Green Party's parliamentary bloc, those who have a secondary protection status--unlike recognized refugees or asylum seekers--will in the future be asked in principle to communicate with their country's competent authorities for the issuance or extension of a passport.

According to the reply, which the German media "Deutschland" newspapers received a copy on Monday, it is essential that refugees with a secondary protection status provide their passports to the authorities responsible for foreigners ' affairs in Germany, so that they can subsequently obtain a residence permit.

The secondary protection situation in Germany is obtained by refugees who fled their country because of civil war and not because of political persecution. This situation applies to most Syrian refugees.

According to the report "Deutschland," the ministry maintains the application of this rule despite the latest report by the German Foreign Ministry to assess the situation in Syria, according to which refugees returning to Syria are seen "within the security authorities close to the regime as cowards and deserters from The army, at worst as traitors and supporters of terrorists, constantly endangering their lives. "

"The German authorities should not unduly endanger the security of a protection seeker and, in addition, accept the financing of a terrorist regime," said the refugee expert in the Green Party's parliamentary bloc, Louisa Amtesberg, in remarks to the "Deutschland" network.


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